Women's Inner Child Healing 12 Week Online Program

Women's Inner Child Healing 12 Week Online Program
Inner child healing work offers numerous benefits for personal growth and healing

- Helps to identify and heal unresolved childhood wounds and traumas
- Promotes self-awareness and understanding of patterns and behaviors that stem from childhood experiences
- Facilitates emotional healing and release of repressed emotions
- Supports the development of self-compassion, self-love, and self-acceptance
- Enhances relationships by healing and transforming past wounds that may affect current interactions
- Cultivates a sense of inner peace, joy, and authenticity
- Allows for the integration of fragmented aspects of the self and promotes wholeness
- Offers an opportunity to re-parent oneself and provide the love and nurturing that may have been lacking in childhood
- Empowers individuals to break free from limiting beliefs and live a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Women's Inner Child Healing 12 Week Online Program

Next Program Begins August 2024

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Your inner child is a part of you that has been with you throughout your entire life; beginning at conception, through your time growing in your Mother's belly, as a baby, toddler, and throughout the years, still alive within you now as an adult Woman!

It is the part of yourself that is made up of the subconscious beliefs taken on and created throughout the early years of your life from your experiences!

This includes the joyful, loving times, and also the painful, traumatic ones!


Why is Inner Child Healing so important?

It can...

* provide insight into why you are the way you are, including your fears/anxieties, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

* assist you in consciously responding to situations, rather than reacting (effective vs ineffective).

* guide you to greater awareness and control over your behaviour in relationships (healthy vs unhealthy).

* influence the external situations and relationships you attract in your life (desired vs undesired).

* heal & release energy from inter-generational trauma and patterns.

* significantly improve your sense of self-esteem & self-confidence

* allow you to connect to & express more of your authentic self

...and so so much more...


What's involved in the 12 week online program?

12 weeks of connection, exploration & healing in a safe space held lovingly by Elise. 


* 6 x fortnightly 90 minute group zoom calls

* 6 x fortnightly (alternate week) live processes via private Facebook group

* Access to the private Facebook group



* Activated breathwork & sound healing

* Inner child healing guided processes

* Guided meditations

* Crystal bowl sound baths

* Fortnightly interactive zoom calls

* Fortnightly live video's of processes listed above


We will explore:


* Inner child & Outer Child 

* Attachment styles + how they impact you & your relationships today

* The Mother Wound + conscious healing tools

* The Father Wound + conscious healing tools

* Re-parenting + Functional Adult

* Re-birthing + creating a new reality

+ any other intuitive guidance during the program (group dependent)

(subject to slight changes if intuitively guided by group energy)



$450.00 total  

  • Full 12 weeks Inner Child Healing Program
  • 6 x fortnightly interactive group zoom calls
  • 6 x fortnightly (alternate week) live video processes
  • Access to private Facebook group with additional support through the group