Breathwork and Sound Healing 6 Month Mentorship Program

6 Month Breathwork and Sound Healing Mentorship program.

If you feel the purposeful pull of Breathwork and Sound Healing, as a part of your divine purpose, then dive in with us! This program is designed to catapult you to the next level of not just your own souls journey but also your evolution into the healer and facilitator you can become!!!

Our Breathwork & Sound Healing 6 Month Mentorship Program - Online and face to face training, is for you if you want to transform yourself and the World around you and make a difference in the lives of others!

If it is obvious that you have a calling to breathwork or sound healing and you feel you can help others by expressing yourself with this unique talent then this is exactly our intention for this program! We are passionate about working with a small group of like minded souls who we can invest our time, knowledge and our divine purpose in. The maximum number in the program will be 4 people.

This unique program encompasses numerous online and in-person experiences.
However if you are inter state or in a regional area then this entire course can be undertaken remotely online! How do we know this? Because one of our previous participants undertook the program in WA!

To inspire and empower you to take your soul expansion and soul evolution to a whole new level. To instil in you the confidence and courage to walk forward into your Divine Life purpose, whatever that may be, and help yourself and others transform their lives through the power of awareness, intention and sound!
Giving you the tools, experience and desire to stand up and make a huge difference in the World to raise the vibration of the Planet and to activate others to do the same.
Just some of the many benefits of this mentorship program:

- Connect and strengthen your intuition
- Develop a deeper sense of trust in your inner guidance
- Connect you to your divine purpose
- Heal and transform yourself physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually
- Transcend current challenges
- Increase self awareness
- Develop your confidence in facilitating healing sessions 1 on 1
- Enhance your skills to facilitate group sessions
- Experience feeling heard, loved and supported in a like minded community
Why would you do this program?
* To reveal and remember what you are here on Earth to do
* To help reconnect you to who you really want to be
* To feel inspired to be the sound, vibration and/or energy healer that you are
* To activate your spiritual intuitive gifts
* To add a unique offering to your current business/services
* To support you on your inner journey
* To guide you on the path of least resistance

Application Only Process - Click the link below to send through a request for your free 45 minute discovery call:

This call will take you through a powerful & heart centred process to explore and connect you to your soul's dream vision, providing you with clarity on the next steps forward to achieving your true desires!


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