Clear Quartz Crystal Hand Held Singing Bowls

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Packages Includes Handheld Crystal Singing Bowl + Padded Carry Bag & Mallet: 7 inch Root Chakra

Handheld Clear Quartz Crystal Singing bowls offer unique and powerful benefits for sound healers, reiki practitioners, yoga teachers, and other alternative health practitioners.
Made from 99.99% High Purity Quartz Crystal.

This means your order takes approximately 10-14 weeks to arrive.

- Handheld Clear Quartz Crystal Singing bowls emit a pure and resonant sound that promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and mental clarity
- They can be used to target specific areas of the body or energy centres, providing focused healing vibrations
- Handheld Clear Quartz Crystal Singing bowls complement standard sets of crystal singing bowls by offering a different tonal quality and versatility in sound manipulation
- They can be played alongside other bowls to create layered harmonies and enhance the overall healing experience
- Handheld Clear Quartz Crystal Singing bowls can also be used for meditation, energy clearing, and promoting a sense of inner peace
- They are powerful tools for personal and professional use, supporting emotional well-being, chakra alignment, and spiritual growth.


Available in Sizes & Corresponding notes/Chakras:

* 7inch - Root Chakra Note C in 4th Octave 

* 7.5inch - Throat Chakra Note G in 3rd Octave 

* 8inch - Heart Chakra Note F in 3rd Octave


Each Package Includes:

1 x Handheld Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

1 x Padded Carry Bag 

1 x Suede Mallet

Our Handheld Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are made from 99.99 percent pure Quartz Crystal. This is found in the form of quartz crystal silica sand, which is a naturally occurring & abundant mineral found all across the Earth.

To create our crystal singing bowls, special technology is used to heat the Quartz Crystal sand at extremely high temperatures of 3000-4000 degrees, which makes it into a liquid, then the crystal liquid is put into a mould to create its form, in a vacuum and dust-free environment.


Each package includes: 

1 x Handhand Crystal Singing Bowl

1 x Padded Carry Bag

1 x Suede Mallet