Crystal Singing Bowl Intuitive Training Workshop


About Crystal Singing Bowls

Our Crystal Singing Bowls are made in a factory in
China and imported into Australia.

Our Crystal Singing Bowls are made from 99.9% high purity Quartz Crystal. The high purity Crystal means your Crystal Bowl willresonate loudly and deeply with very little effort. Lower purity Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls do not have this same clear resonance.

Crystal Singing Bowls are vibrational instruments thatare made from Quartz crystal and formed in a mould at great temperatures.

Crystal Singing Bowls can be used for so many different healing & relaxing benefits, some examples are that they can assist you in experiencing peace, calming of the mind, offer support & healing of depression & anxiety, induce a connection to higher states of consciousness, and so much more.

Crystal Singing Bowls enable your mind to calm, bring relaxation to your body, muscles and can even assist with healing at a cellular level. They can also help you, and others, to connect deeper with your spirituality and improve your intuition.


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Workshops & Training

Yes you will receive a laminated Certificate of completion once you have completed your Crystal Bowl Training workshop.

At this time there is no recognition from a registered industry body for our Crystal Bowl Training workshops, 2 Day Crystal Bowl Training Workshop for Yoga Teachers & Practitioners, or the Sound, Vibrational & Intuitive Healing mentorship program.

On completion of the 6 month Sound, Vibrational & Intuitive Healing mentorship program you will receive a framed certificate of completion.

Events and Workshops locations

Our workshops and events are located in venues throughout Sydney, regional NSW & Canberra. We will also be hosting events in other States and Territories in 2023.

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