Remember Who You Are ~ 6 Month Spiritual Mentorship for Women

‘Remember Who You Are’
6 Month Spiritual Mentorship for Women
~ As your vibe rises, your tribe rises ~
A call out to those who are ready & willing to deep dive into the next phase of your soul's evolution!
This Mentorship has already begun, October 22nd, 2023.
Ends late April 2024
*Limited to 4 women only*
Application Only Process - Click the link below to send through a request for your free 45 minute discovery call:
This 6 month Spiritual Mentorship is designed to provide you with the tools & the support your soul needs to heal & re-birth itself, to remember who you truly are, and align with your path & purpose!
Remember who you are mentorship
This is for you if you currently feel:
  • Stuck between two worlds; not resonating with old friends & activities anymore
  • The same patterns are repeating and not serving your highest good
  • A deep knowing that there is more to life than what currently is, but not knowing what steps to take next
  • Isolated and lonely
  • Like you don’t ‘fit in’ or ‘belong’ anywhere
  • Lack of resonance or conflict with current circumstances. E.g. relationship/job
  • Lost and/or confused
  • Depressed and/or anxious
  • A yearning for connection with likeminded people/ soul family
 woman feeling overwhelmed and sad
This is for you if you WANT to:
  • Feel free & liberated
  • Be living in flow
  • Feel safe & grounded
  • Have community & belonging
  • Attract soul family & heart connections
  • Feel loved & accepted for who you are
  • Strengthen your intuition & trust in yourself
  • Remember who you truly are
  • Reconnect & express your authentic self
  • Feel supported & uplifted
  • Live & breathe your passions
  • Embrace powerful transformation in your life
  • Align with your path & purpose 
 woman feeling free and happy
What’s involved?
  • Weekly interactive group zoom calls (75 minutes)
  • Monthly 2 hour private 1:1 sessions with Elise
  • Monthly full day group connection 
  • Monthly hardcopy booklets with topic information & practices
  • Cacao Ceremonies
  • Private Facebook community group
  • Audio recordings and spiritual practices to implement on your own time
woman laughing

6 Stages of the Mentorship Program:
Each stage has 4 topics explored each week in the zoom call and in person workshop
Stage 1 – Creating Safety & Raising Your Vibration
Stage 2 - Inner Child Healing & Reprogramming your Subconscious
Stage 3 - Exploring Your 7 Chakra’s for Clearing & Alignment
Stage 4 - Inner Alchemy; Rebalancing Masculine & Feminine Energies for Balance & Harmony
Stage 5 - Living in Flow & Releasing Resistance
Stage 6 - Awakening & Aligning To Your True Self
     sound healing
    Modalities & tools used & explored throughout the program:
    • Breathwork
    • Sound healing
    • Meditation
    • Tarot & oracle card readings
    • Energy healing
    • Holistic coaching
    • Inner child healing
    • Past life connections
    • Intergenerational trauma/ Ancestral healing
    • Chakra clearing & re-alignment
    • Soul constellations
    • Life Vibrational Audit
    • Intentional Cacao ceremonies

    Application Only Process - Click the link below to send through a request for your free 45 minute discovery call:
    This call will take you through a powerful & heart centred process to explore and connect you to your soul's dream vision, providing you with clarity on the next steps forward to achieving your true desires!
    Watch a video testimonial via the link below from Megan Stormer about her experience working with Elise