Elise's Story of our Twin Flame Encounter - Synchronicities that led us together

In early December 2019, I received an unexpected email from someone I didn’t know, named Mick Turner. Although we had never met, I noticed that we had a mutual friend on Facebook, Matt Omo, who happened to be the breathwork & sound healer I had been working with for a few years. 


The subject line of the email caught my attention - "COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS CONFERENCE ULURU JANUARY 2019." Curiosity arose, I opened the email and skimmed through the contents. At the time, I didn't fully grasp what the event was about, but something within me urged me to hold onto that email instead of deleting it. 


A few weeks later, while going through my emails, I remembered the "weird" email from Mick. I decided to give it a proper read and visited the website to try and gain a better understanding of the event. Despite my efforts, I couldn't quite comprehend the nature of the conference. Yet, there was an undeniable pull, a strong intuition that whispered I needed to be there. I calculated the costs of flights, accommodation, conference tickets, and added them to my already existing financial commitments. 


The reality of the situation struck me - it seemed impossible for me to afford the trip. I spoke to my clients & friends about the event, hoping to find someone willing to split the costs and accompany me. Unfortunately, no one shared my enthusiasm or had the means to join me. 


On the 19th of December, the night before the final release of tickets, desperation took hold. I attempted to secure bookings and find accommodation, but the slow and uncooperative internet frustrated me to the point of tears. Feeling as though I was missing out on something I truly "needed" to experience, I sent a prayer out to my higher power…


“If I am meant to go to this event please help me!”. I surrendered and let it be. The very next evening I was with a client of mine named Tim and he asked when I was leaving for Uluru. I mentioned I was no longer going as I couldn’t find anyone to go with me and it was too expensive on my own. 

He said “Elise, you must go, you have been talking about this for ages, I will give you $1000 for your Christmas present, and you must go”. I was absolutely SHOCKED and overwhelmed, it took a bit of conversing before I agreed with extreme gratitude to accept his very generous offer. 

That night, the 20th December 2019 I raced home, jumped on my computer and effortlessly booked flights, accommodation and my Cosmic Consciousness ticket. It flowed ridiculously smooth compared to my attempt the night before. I felt absolutely mind blown that my prayer was answered, and my higher power knew I needed to get to that conference, and made it possible in miraculous and totally unexpected ways! 

In the leadup to this event I had a feeling I was going to meet someone special there, I hoped it was my partner to be, and mentioned this to a friend. On the 4th of December 2019, prior to the miracles mentioned above, I had done an angel card reading for myself and pulled out a card called ‘Twin Flame’, which has a loving picture of a man and woman saying “the answer to your question involves a spiritually based romantic relationship”. 

The action steps for this card were to write a letter to the spirit guides of my twin flame, buy a rose and keep it close to me, carry around a rose quartz crystal and use rose essential oil. I had no idea what a twin flame was, although it sounded and looked nice so I followed the instructions exactly like this; I wore rose oil everyday, carried around my rose quartz crystal, bought a preserved rose that lasts 2 years and kept it by my bedside table and I wrote the letter below in my journal:

“Dear guardian angels of my twin flame,
I have a lot of hope for finding my true soulmate in this human experience. I already feel so much love and joy, understanding, compassion and gratitude for our connection. I am excited to see who he is, what we can do together and how we grow, lifting each other up and connecting like never before. I want to experience a love like never before, something strong, yet detached so we can still be ourselves. Something deep, yet not leaving us a hole if the other is not there. A connection so strong but subtle at the same time, something that I’ve never seen or experienced before, something that no one else around me could understand right now.

I hope that like the card says when I meet my twin flame I’ll know and there won’t be a question about it. I pray for a family with my twin flame. I'd love to have children and show them through example how a healthy and loving relationship with the self and spirit can be developed and how to be healthy in a relationship with another. I want to change the world and start with my own. I hope and trust my twin flame will be in alignment with their authentic self too. I pray for trust, have true intimacy, honesty, support, understanding, physical affection, quality time and attraction. Please help me prepare to meet my twin flame and arrange this visit. Please help me recognise them.

Thank you!”.

On the 11th of January 2019, I flew to Uluru departing Sydney at 10:30am, arriving at Uluru airport 12:30pm. I walked over to the baggage carousel to wait for my luggage and noticed a blonde male standing behind me, also waiting for his bags. I remember us catching eyes and thinking ‘he’s alright’, it was like I had a radar of scanning for attractive males and he stood out! He walked past me to collect his bag from the carousel, then I got mine and walked outside to find the shuttle to take me to my hotel; The Lost Camel.


As I walked up the stairs onto the shuttle bus I noticed the man I had seen at the carousel was on the same bus, sitting at the front as I walked past. When it came to The Lost Camel hotel I got off the bus, collected my bags and as I got to the entrance of the hotel I saw that he was waiting in the line, right in front of me to check in also. 


I said Hi and introduced myself, he said his name was Tim, my next question was “Are you going to the cosmic consciousness conference”? He replied yes, and I asked “Do you have any idea what it’s about”? He answered no, and I shared neither did I, I just felt like I needed to be there! 


I shared with Tim, whilst waiting in the line, the story of how I ended up getting to Uluru and the ‘coincidence’ (now I know Synchronicity) of the financial assistance I got from another person named Tim! 


After we both checked in, we discussed meeting up after to get some lunch and do a food shop at the local IGA so we exchanged numbers at 1.11pm (on the 11th of January).

 When I went back to my room I listened to my voicemail which was from my ex-boyfriend's father as I had called him the day before for his wife’s birthday who had previously passed away. 

The recording of the voicemail said “Message received at 11.11am on Friday 11th of January”! What did all of this mean? 


Tim and I organised to meet up and do our food shopping, then sit down and eat together. Tim started talking about past lives (something I had never heard of before) and although it seemed so far-fetched it just sounded so interesting to me and I didn’t deny it or reject what he was saying, it fascinated me. 


We were talking all things spiritual and I thought to myself ‘this is it, this is the reason I was meant to come to Uluru, to meet Tim, we get along so well, he is attractive (not my usual type, but attractive) he doesn’t drink or smoke, he is aware and spiritual, everything he says sounds fascinating, what more could I want, I have a strong feeling I am going to be with this guy”.


And then his phone rang... he picked it up and said it was his son. As he was talking to him I started wondering all sorts of things; how old was his son, is he still partnered with the mother, and how old is Tim? 


When he got off the phone I asked how old his son was, he said 10 years old, and he also has a daughter who is 27 years old! I had originally assumed Tim was about 35 years old, so when I began to do the maths I asked “How old are you”? 


49 he replied! And  right in that moment, that was a very clear message for me that I had gotten it all wrong, how could I have been so confused about his age and how embarrassing was it that I had seen him as a potential partner! OMG! 21 years age gap, my ego said ‘NO WAY’!


From that moment I literally felt my walls go up to the idea of him being a romantic partner, and I pulled away, but I still wanted to be close friends.

We agreed to walk to the conference welcoming drinks together. As I was talking to one of the conference staff he asked me “Where are you and your partner from?” I looked at him strangely and he pointed out Tim. I was shocked and quickly put that idea to rest saying we had only met a few hours ago as we are staying at the same hotel. Tim also got asked the same question by someone else about ‘his wife’, implying that was me!


From the very beginning people thought Tim and I were together, that was hard for me to digest as we had only met that day, plus he was 21 years older than me, as if!


Throughout the 4-5 days Tim and I spent a lot of time together. I would regularly feel that I didn’t want him to like me or get the wrong idea, but I really enjoyed hanging out with him. The times he did go off and do his own thing, I missed him being around and would message asking if he wanted to hang out. It felt strange!


I felt very safe in his presence the whole time. Any time we went walking at night together, if I had fear come up I always felt much better when he was near me, I felt a sense of protection. 


When we left Uluru we said it would be nice to stay in contact, and we did.

Every single day!

After a few weeks we brought up the discussion of co-dependency and how it might be unhealthy for us to speak every day, all the time, so let’s cut it back for a bit. 


That lasted one day! So drastically all synchronicities stopped happening for that day we didn’t talk. I felt pretty flat and uninspired, there were hardly any repeating numbers that were happening so often before we stopped talking. 


We both agreed we can talk whenever we want and not to put ‘rules’ on our communication that was working so well for our individual spiritual growth! It felt very important & necessary to stay in communication.


I told Tim everything, not hiding any piece of me, whether it was something I liked or disliked, I shared every bit of awareness that came up. We began sending audio recordings to each other, explaining the amazing signs and synchronicities that were taking place (animals, repeating numbers, feathers, conversations), unpacking our self-learnings and we started to develop a uniquely honest and vulnerable friendship, free of judgement or attachment.

I held back nothing because I had no thought at all that he was a potential partner, or someone I needed to ‘impress’ to make him like me!


And from there, the story continues, but for another time ;) 


From the top left hand corner across the photo's below are:

1. Tim in January 2019 when we first met

2. Elise in January 2019 when we first met

3 & 4. Tim & Elise together in Uluru January 2020, engaged on the 11/1/20