Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

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Package Includes Bowl + Padded Carry Bag & Suede Mallet: 7 inch Crown Chakra

Clear Quartz Crystal Singing bowls are highly valued by sound healers, reiki practitioners, yoga teachers, and other alternative health practitioners for their pure and powerful healing vibrations.
Made from 99.99% High Purity Quartz Crystal.
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- They emit a clear and resonant sound that promotes deep relaxation, stress reduction, and mental clarity
- Clear Quartz Crystal Singing bowls are used in sound healing sessions to balance and harmonize the energy centres of the body, promoting overall well-being
- Reiki practitioners can use Clear Quartz Crystal Singing bowls to amplify the flow of healing energy during sessions and create a balanced energy field
- Yoga teachers can incorporate Clear Quartz Crystal Singing bowls into their classes to enhance meditation, relaxation, and energy balancing practices
- Clear Quartz Crystal Singing bowls can be used alongside standard sets of crystal singing bowls, providing a unique and pure sound experience that complements and enhances the healing effects
- They are versatile tools that support emotional healing, chakra alignment, and spiritual growth
- Clear Quartz Crystal Singing bowls are also used for personal meditation, sound therapy, and creating a sacred space for spiritual practices.

Each package includes: 

1 x Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

1 x Padded Carry Bag

1 x Suede Mallet

1 x O-ring for the bowl to sit on

 Available in Sizes & Notes/Chakras:


* Note B3 - Crown Chakra


* Note D3 - Sacral Chakra

* Note E3 - Solar Plexus Chakra (8 inch)

* Note C3 - Root Chakra (8 inch)

Our Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
 are made from 99.99 percent pure quartz crystal. This is found in the form of quartz crystal silica sand, which is a naturally occurring & abundant mineral found all across the Earth.

To create our crystal singing bowls, special technology is used to heat the quartz crystal sand at extremely high temperatures of 3000-4000 degrees, which makes it into a liquid, then the crystal liquid is put into a mould to create its form, in a vacuum and dust-free environment.