Breathwork & Sound Facilitation 6 Month Mentorship Program - commences 22/10/2024

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Package Upgrade Options: Sound Starter Package includes 6 month mentorship

6 Month Breathwork and Sound Facilitation Mentorship program. 
Secure your spot for our October 2024 program commencement on 22/10/2024.

If you feel the purposeful pull of Breathwork and Sound Healing, as a part of your divine purpose, then we get it as we felt the exact same way when we got the "call"! This program is a safe and loving learning environment designed to connect you to the next phase of your souls journey and divine life purpose. We are committed to nurturing you on your journey of evolution into the healer and facilitator you can become!!!

Our Breathwork & Sound Facilitation 6 Month Mentorship Program - Online and face to face training, is for you if you want to continue transform yourself and expand it beyond yourself to the World around you and make a difference in the lives of others!

If it is obvious that you have a calling to breathwork or sound healing and the universe is showing you in "no uncertain terms" that this is a part of your mission then your heart will know if you are meant to join this unique program. If you know you can help others by expressing yourself with your unique abilities then this is exactly our intention for this program! We are passionate about working with a small group of like minded souls who we can invest our time, knowledge and our divine purpose into as we encourage you to step into your own divine purpose.

The maximum number in this program will be 6 people.

This unique program encompasses a powerful mix of online and in-person training experiences. This 6 Month program is designed to take you deep into the World of Breathwork and Sound Healing and we use every tool at our disposal to achieve this! 
However if you are inter state or in a regional area then this entire course can be undertaken remotely online! How do we know this? Because one of our previous participants undertook the program living in WA!

6 Month Breathwork and Sound Healing Mentorship Program Intention:

To inspire and empower you to take your soul expansion and soul evolution to a whole new level. To instil in you the confidence and courage to walk forward into your Divine Life purpose, and help yourself and others to transform their lives through the power of awareness, intention, breathwork and sound!
Giving you the tools, experience and desire to stand up and make a huge difference in the World by stepping into your power and purpose to weave breathwork and sound healing into your unique expressions.

Just some of the many benefits of this mentorship program:

- Learn the ins and outs of facilitating Breathwork & Sound Healing
- Provide a new avenue for heart centred revenue helping others
- Connect and strengthen your intuition
- Develop a deeper sense of trust in your inner guidance
- Connect you to your divine purpose
- Heal and transform yourself physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually
- Transcend current challenges
- Increase self awareness and improve the overall experience on your life
- Develop your confidence in facilitating healing sessions 1 on 1
- Enhance your skills to facilitate group sessions
- Experience feeling heard, loved and supported in a like minded community

Why would you do this program?
* To add an inspiring new modality to your business or practise
* To feel inspired to be the sound, vibration and/or energy healer that you are
* To reveal and remember what you are here on Earth to do
* To help reconnect you to who you really want to be
* To activate your spiritual intuitive gifts
* To add a unique offering to your business, Studio or venue
* To support you on your inner healing journey
* To guide you on the path of least resistance

This intensive 6-month mentorship program:
commences on Tuesday October 22nd 2024

6 Month Breathwork & Sound Healing Mentorship Program
Special price!!

$4,400 INC GST! If you pay in full prior to the commencement then receive a 10% discount. Payment plans are available based on your unique circumstances. 

Upgrade package deals available to set you up with your very own crystal bowls, bags & accessories!! Only add $1250.00 for a full set of Crystal Bowls with padded bags and padded inserts - save $370.00! Plus receive a Crystal Singing Bowl Training workshop for free valued at $188.00. Total saving of $558.00.

To book in a free 1 hour consultation call to see if the program is a fit for you and your circumstances then please email to