Crystal Singing Bowl Intuitive Training Workshop - 31st August in Cronulla

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Entry Only: Entry Only

Crystal Singing Bowl Intuitive Training Workshop in Cronulla, Sydney

Educators: Tim Lassig or Elise Kovacs
Date: Saturday 31st August
Venue: Heart & Soul Yoga
1/57 Cronulla Street, Cronulla. NSW 
Time: 10:30am - 3:30pm

Workshop options below:
Level 1 Only - Crystal Singing Bowl Intuitive Training Workshop:

Entry Only includes 5 hour workshop on August 31st (Borrow a Bowl or BYO): $199.00
Includes a Bowl 5 hour workshop on August 31st plus 1 x Crystal Singing Bowl & 1 x rubber Mallet: $349.00

Level 1 & Level 2: (Receive 5% off when booked together)
Entry Only Includes 1 x 5 hour Level 1 Training Workshop on August 31st (Borrow a Bowl or BYO): $431.00
1 x 6 hour Level 2 Training Workshop (Borrow a Bowl or BYO) - Click Here to view upcoming dates/locations

Level 1 & Level 2 Including 2 Crystal Bowls (Receive 5% off):
Includes 1 x 5 hour level 1 workshop on August 31st
1 x 6 hour Level 2 Training workshop  Click Here to view upcoming dates/locations
2 x Crystal Bowls, 2 x Rubber Mallets, 2 x O-rings: $731.00
Level 1 Crystal Singing Bowl Intuitive Training Workshop is a 5 hour workshop 
Level 2 - Crystal Singing Bowl Intuitive Training Workshop for Yoga Teachers, Practitioners and Sound Healing lovers is a 6 hour intensive workshop 
** Please note, you must complete Level 1 to be eligible for Level 2**

Our Crystal Singing Bowl Intuitive Training Workshops offer participants an immersive experience in the potential & transformative power of Crystal Singing Bowl sound healing & vibrational healing.

Spend a day with Tim or Elise from Source 88 learning how to play your very own Crystal Singing Bowl! (a Crystal Singing Bowl and rubber mallet can be included in the cost of the workshop).

In this workshop:

Watch & experience Tim & Elise do a crystal singing bowl sound bath demonstration and experience the power of sound healing with intuitive vocal toning

Learn the fundamentals of sound healing and crystal singing bowls

Explore the fundamentals of learning how to play your own crystal singing bowl guided by your intuition

Practice sessions using your crystal singing bowl with a partner or small group, with real time feedback from your facilitator

Strengthen & connect with your intuition

Receive healing on all levels; physical, mental, emotional & spiritual

Experience playing multiple crystal singing bowls 

Everyone will have the opportunity to play a full set of 7 Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls in a collaborative Sound Bath at the end of the workshop

Why participate in this sound healing workshop?

Sound and vibrations are intangible yet profoundly influential forces, having been used for centuries as powerful tools for healing and wellness. These ancient practices harness the vibrational qualities of sound to restore balance and harmony within the soul, mind and body.

Are you a yoga teacher, mindfulness practitioner or have a holistic business?

Feel the call of the Crystal Singing Bowls and be inspired by how you can integrate them into your life and  business! There are so many benefits to using Crystal Singing Bowls for yourself and your clients. From slowing down your brainwaves into a state of relaxation, to helping you sleep better, to assisting cellular level healing, evoking calm emotions, improving your overall health & well-being, raising your vibration and deepening your connection with self and spirit.

Crystal Singing Bowls can make a difference in many ways in your life and the lives of your clients.

If you are a yoga teacher or practitioner, you may feel inspired and guided to use these sound healing instruments in your business or current offerings. Crystal Bowl sound healing can be a beautiful way to touch the lives of your clients!!

At our upcoming inspirational crystal singing bowl training workshop you can receive your very own Crystal Singing Bowl and a rubber mallet included in the cost (OPTIONAL) as well as an action packed day full of learning and fun!!

You can even book our Level 1 Beginners training and our Level 2 Yoga Teachers & Practitioners training workshops at the same time and receive a discount on your journey to learning and introducing Crystal Singing Bowls into your business or life.

Chakra Activation

Crystal Singing Bowls are powerful tools used for chakra healing and chakra activation. Each crystal singing bowl is tuned to a specific frequency, corresponding to one of the seven main chakras in our body. When played, the vibrations emitted by the bowls resonate with the energy centres, helping to balance and harmonise them. 

Pure sound for healing

The pure, crystalline tones produced by the bowls have the potential to clear blockages, release stagnant energy, and restore the natural flow of energy within the chakras. By playing, listening to or meditating with crystal singing bowls, one can experience a deep sense of relaxation, rejuvenation, and alignment as the vibrational frequencies work to activate and align the chakras, promoting overall well-being and energetic balance.

Soul connection through sound

Sound therapy can be a gateway to spiritual exploration and growth. For many, the soothing sound coming from the singing bowls helps clear the mind and dive into a deeper meditative state. facilitate a connection to higher consciousness. This aspect of sound therapy can be particularly transformative for individuals on a spiritual journey. 

Experience intuitive singing and sound healing

We are profound, multidimensional beings and sound helps us connect to the deeper parts of who we are. Too many times a day we act from our head, ignoring or forgetting that we are much more than that. Part of this workshop is recognizing and trusting your intuition so you can play the crystal bowls from that space, engaging the wisdom and love that’s within you. 

Emotional and cellular-level healing

Sound healing taps into the emotional aspect of our being, helping individuals process and release buried emotions. Sound can resonate with suppressed feelings, facilitating catharsis and emotional healing. Singing and chanting encourages self-expression and can serve as a therapeutic outlet for emotional release. This aspect of sound therapy can be particularly beneficial for those dealing with trauma or emotional wounds.

Crystal Singing bowls are powerful tools for cellular level healing. The pure vibrations they produce penetrate deep into our cells, releasing blockages and promoting balance. The bowls' crystalline structure resonates with our cells, facilitating regeneration and healing. This holistic approach supports the body's natural ability to heal itself, providing deep relaxation and restoration. Crystal Singing bowls offer profound healing at a cellular level.

Relaxation and stress reduction

In a fast-paced world like the one we live in, stress has become a common, everyday issue, making us feel more and more disconnected from ourselves. Sound healing and sound therapy offer a sanctuary from the chaos. In this workshop we’ll use the soothing sounds of crystal singing bowls and singing to induce relaxation. These sounds slow down brainwave activity, reducing stress hormones and promoting a profound sense of calm. The soothing vibrations can guide you into a meditative state, allowing you to release tension and anxiety.