Breathwork & Sound Healing with Cacao - Fear to Safety - in Freshwater, July 27th

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First Event in a series of 7: Root Chakra focus

Transcend Fear to Embrace Safety - Breathwork & Sound Healing Journey with Cacao

Please note you can join any of these events, you don't need to have attended the previous one as each event will focus on a particular Chakra

Break through the heavy physical realm of fear, self doubt & anxiety, and come back to the divine Source of love, trust, safety & support.

Fear is everywhere, if we look for it, we will find it. Most of us don’t even consciously look for fear anymore, yet it seems to rear its scary head in all sorts of places.

Fear about our money, relationships, safety, and so on…

Your Root Chakra (Base Chakra) acts as the root of your body.
When this Chakra is blocked or out of alignment you may feel:

- Exhausted & lethargic

- Easily distracted, hard to focus

- Rushing around everywhere

- Increase in stress, anxiety, depression

- Stuck, unable to take action


You may also experience:

- Financial troubles

- Feeling unsafe in the world

- Housing issues

- Physical dis-ease or pain in legs, hips, lower back, colon & reproductive organs

A balanced Root Chakra means you can feel more:

- Stable

- Confident

- Energetic, vital

- Strong

- Connected & grounded

- Focused & present

Clearing & activating & balancing your Root Chakra creates a stable foundation for the other 6 Chakras to open. 

This 2 hour event offers you an opportunity to clear, activate & balance your Root Chakra using powerful techniques of breathwork, sound & vibration!

Basic Structure of the afternoon:

* Gentle meditation to connect with your Root Chakra 

* Intro & practice of a technique using sound & vibration to clear, activate & balance your Root Chakra

* Breathwork & sound healing journey (involving the Medicine Drum, Crystal Singing Bowls, Koshi Chimes, Crystal Pyramids, Handheld Clear Bowls & Vocals)

* Cacao Ceremony & closing circle


When: Saturday 27th July

Where: Freshwater Wellness Centre

Time: 11:30am - 1:30pm

Exchange: $69.00pp includes ceremonial cacao