Connecting to the Wisdom of the Gods, Divine Revelations Process - Webinar, July 24th

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“Connecting to the Wisdom of the Gods”
Divine Revelations Process
Connect to your portal of divine potential

Wednesday 24th July
7:30pm - 9:15pm (ish)

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Ready to bring about immense transformation in your life!
Time to start a new career or revitalise the old one!
Looking for clear direction and clarity on your path forward!
Calling in a new level of love and relatedness!
Is there a new creative project burning inside you ready to birth!
Ready to embrace and shine your magnificence like never before!
Confronted with healing challenges but uncertain on what to do!
Are you ready to level up like never before! 

Revolutionary transformation process:
At Source 88 we are constantly leaning into the practices we share as well as evolving and deepening our understanding of these practices and what’s possible from using them. In recent months we have had a breakthrough, of somewhat epic proportions, that came about in an unusual fashion. I won’t go into it here but I will share some of it on our upcoming webinar. Needless to say we have been given a new and potent process to help you level up in your life in incredible ways. 

The process itself is a more focused approach to revealing a higher vibrational reality and timeline moving forward. We are so excited to share this with you that we had to create a webinar so we could tell our story! We feel it is so important to share with you what this process is and what it can do for you as well as some insight into how it works. It is quite mind bending and we know it will blow your mind and can change your life forever!

Intention: The intention of this webinar is to present the “Connecting to the Wisdom of the Gods” process that enables you to connect to what is important and imperative moving forward in your life from where you are standing right now. Our intention is to highlight how this process presents new opportunities for personal revelations, deep healing, expanded awareness and guidance on your way forward. We believe this process, if utilised daily, can significantly shift your vibration, expand your creativity, deepen your healing and raise your consciousness and abundance in astounding ways.

Webinar content

- How the “Connecting to the wisdom of the Gods” process was discovered and downloaded

- The necessary ingredients and steps that are required to lean into this process

- Why you would use this process in your life

- What we have documented from using this process ourselves and what has opened up from “Connecting to the Wisdom of the Gods”

- How you can introduce the “Connecting to the Wisdom of the Gods” process into your life and what you can expect from it

- Some upcoming “Connecting to the Wisdom of the Gods” training opportunities and support events to help you begin to step into your new level of potential

- Q & A at the end of the call

*Allow a minimum of 90 minutes for this webinar as it will be a wild ride!

Purpose: Are you at a crossroads in life? Wondering what the next steps are? Ready to reinvigorate your focus?

Time to plug into “next level” motivation? Are you looking to find a new level of trust and surrender for your journey to date? Are you bursting with a creative project but just feel blocked trying to deliver it?

If any of these resonate with you then the purpose of this special webinar is to enlighten you with a new process that can assist you to “level up” in ways you cannot imagine!