Breathwork, Sound & Selenite Sword Healing Journey Saturday 10th February in Belconnen ~ Open Your Heart

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~ Breathwork, Sound & Selenite Sword Healing Journey with Vocal Toning ~

Theme - Opening Your Heart

@ At GroundUp Studio in Belconnen
18 Benjamin Way Corner, Emu Bank, Belconnen ACT 2617

Friday 10th February

12:00pm - 2:00pm

Tickets: $55.00

This unique event is a combination of Breathwork, Sound Healing, Selenite Sword Healing with Vocal toning weaving it altogether! This combination of Crystal Singing Bowls, Paiste Gong, medicine drum, koshi chimes, clapping sticks and handheld clear crystal singing bowls mixed with vocal toning and magnified with the power of the Selelnite Swords makes for a very powerful and heart opening event!!!

The Selenite Swords are powerful healing tools that can be used for many different reasons. We intuitively weave these into our Breathwork and Sound sessions at the end of the journey to bring guide healing for each person in the room.

A key component in Tom Ledder's (sword creators) focus is on enhancing the Divine Feminine power to broadcast more light, love, grace and gratitude into people and the planet using the Selenite Swords of Light to balance the problems of our time.

Some of the magical benefits of using the Selenite Swords can include:

- Clearing & cleansing the aura and subtle energy bodies

- Enabling us to create and intensify new seeds of consciousness

- Stabilizing the emotional body and bringing erratic emotions under calm control

- Activating the aspect of our nature connected to our true spiritual path

- Opens balances and activates the Chakra's, particularly the third eye, crown chakra, and the soul star chakra.

- Purifies and cleanses energetically

- Directing high frequency energy into the body, stimulating spiritual, physical and emotional healing

Hear from Paulina below about her experience with Source 88:

Embark on a transformative journey of breathwork and sound healing with a brand new offering of Selenite Sword healing to finish off the session. At this event we will dive deep into the realm of our Theme - Opening Your Heart!

The evening includes:

Join us for an enchanting evening of harmonizing your inner world with your outer world and opening yourself up to opening your heart.

During this immersive sound healing, you will harness the power of breathwork and sound vibrations to bring about a sense of peace, understanding and connection to how you can open your heart more and what is blocking you from already doing this.

The evening will commence with a crystal singing bowl meditation, where you will have the opportunity to set your personal intention for your breathwork journey. As the resonant tones of the crystal bowls wash over you, you will feel a sense of calm and clarity, allowing you to connect with your soul's desires.

Next, you will be invited to lie down and be guided through activated breathwork, specifically Holotropic-style breathwork. This powerful breathing technique will help you tap into the depths of your subconscious mind, releasing old patterns and blockages that may be hindering you from living authentically.

As you breathe deeply, your facilitator will create a soundscape using drumming, the gong and vocal toning, enhancing the transformative experience.

After the activated breathwork section is complete, you will transition into a gentle and nurturing breathing pattern, allowing you to let go and bathe in the soothing sounds of crystal singing bowls, crystal pyramids, koshi chimes, and vocal toning.

At the end of your journey you will get to experience a Selenite Sword healing and clearing as we intuitively wield our 2 Selenite Swords to bring about deeper healing, clearing and deeper insight to your process.

Why join this event?

If you have been desiring to open to the intuitive power of your own heart then this breathwork and sound healing journey is the perfect opportunity for you.

Through the power of breath and sound, you will tap into your inner wisdom, release energetic blockages, and align yourself with the frequency of love and heart connection.

Source 88 will be bringing their eclectic mix of instruments and vocal toning to GroundUp Studio for a heart expanding Breathwork, Sound & Selenite Sword Healing Journey. They will combine the sounds of the medicine drum, Paiste Gong, Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystal Pyramids, wind chimes and their voices to create a sound experience to expand your body, mind and soul while the Selenite Swords will magnify the process while also offering clearing and expanded healing properties.

You will have the opportunity to utilise breathwork during the Sound Journey to assist you in releasing the mind & expanding your consciousness. Your experience is always uniquely your own and Tim/ Elise will support you to create a powerful intention to set the tone of your personal experience during the Sound Journey.

The benefits of sound healing are many but below we have listed some that may open your eyes to the potential of sound healing:

-Provide clarity and understanding on current life challenges

-Inspires creativity with life decisions and important projects

-A deep sense to love and forgiveness

-Connect to your higher self and source energy

-See the higher good in challenging situations from the past

-Breakthrough triggers with self and others

-Assists you to release trapped emotions

-Aid you in dealing with past trauma

-Deep relaxation and sense of peace

A little about Sound Healing and Breathwork

Sound healing is an ancient technique that has been practised for thousands of years by many different civilisations & indigenous cultures.

The fact that everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration, this means that our physical bodies also relate to this concept. When the vibrations in our bodies are out of balance, or we have energetic blockages, then our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual states are impacted in undesirable ways. This is where we can experience illness & dis-ease.

Sound healing can support your body, mind & soul to re-align & rebalance your body’s vibrations, releasing blockages, helping to bring about a greater state of health & wellness.

Combining sound healing techniques with breathwork is where things can go to a whole other level!

We incorporate breathwork into our sound healing journeys as it allows you to move beyond your mind & your body, & connect with something greater, the Divine, your Higher Self. This expansive experience can provide healing at an incredibly deep level, clarity, & divine guidance on situations/choices/challenges in your life, past or present.

At our breathwork & sound healing journeys we provide you with 2 different styles of breathwork that you can choose on the day, depending on how you feel & what type of experience you desire.

- Holotropic breathwork; this style is where you are supported to breathe in and out through your mouth for a certain period of time, which allows the logical mind to take a backseat, & can induce an altered state of consciousness. People who use this style of breathwork, along with the sounds we create, can often experience visions, emotional releases, connection to their higher selves and/or passed over loved ones.

- Pranayama; this is where you control your breath by a gentle, yet deep breathing style. We support this to be done through either the mouth or the nose. The mouth will give you a more activating sensation throughout your sound journey.

Each style of breathwork has its place and a unique list of benefits, which we discuss before the Sound Healing commences. We will support you to choose which breathwork is best for you on that given day!

There is so much more we want to share with you about the power of Sound Healing, and for that, you'll have to just give it a go to truly find out for yourself.